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We are a group of moms who live in Bellaire and the surrounding area. We have children of all ages, and include moms of all kinds. Whether you are a new, an experienced, or expecting mom, you are welcome to join us!

Bellaire Young Mothers Mission Statement:

Our primary focus is on Mom, her needs, and the types of challenges she faces each day in her unique position in the family.


About Bellaire Young Mothers

Bellaire Young Mothers began decades ago when a few moms who lived in the City of Bellaire decided they needed a little more social interaction than a newborn could provide.  They began meeting in each others home and gradually the word spread.  More moms learned about this little group and joined in.  Events became more organized and more popular and Bellaire Young Mothers became official.  Growing slowly and by word of mouth, BYM has never recruited members, but today it has grown to a group of over 1000 members. 

Bellaire Young Mothers runs a member-only online community on our own website, which provides a forum for member communications, a calendar of events, information on member-run businesses and much more.

Member Benefits Include:

    Monthly online newsletter delivered via email
    Access to our member-only online forum for networking, idea exchange and referrals
    Social events for moms and parents only
    Playgroup-matching assistance
    Annual Public and Private Education Forums
    Spring Picnic, Halloween Party, and Family Picnic
    Ways to help the community through our Service Committee organizers
    Opportunities to volunteer in any number of ways for our club
    A chance to meet other families and form life-long friendships

If you have questions or would like further information, please email our Membership Coordinator

Privacy Policy

BYM has taken precautions to ensure that our activities and discussions are kept private and for our membership only.  Access to our website and membership list is for the exclusive use of our members.  Any use by members for business purposes is inappropriate and can result in removal of membership privelages.  Names and emails are never sold or given to outside entities.

As a member, you may opt-out of any communication and may remove yourself at any time.